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简介书虫读后感_书虫读后感英文       好久不见,今天我想和大家探讨一下关于“书虫读后感”的话题。如果你对这个领域还不太熟悉,那么这篇文章就是为你准备的,让我们一起来了解一下吧。1.书虫《爱情和金钱》读后感(英语)100词就够了。2.书虫英语读





3.书虫系列读物的英文读后感 初一水平



       范文:My feeling is that people's hearts are sinister. All the people in Clarkson's family have hungry wolf eyes and stare eagerly at Molly's huge property.?

       Everyone is looking forward to her early death and getting her countless real estate and shocking huge inheritance, including her biological daughter, Diana and son Roger, They all need the money urgently to pay for their luxurious life.

       Jackie, the other daughter, resented her mother's disapproval of her marriage to Tom, another gardener; There is also Molly's brother-in-law Albert, who urgently needs the money to treat his wife. But no one really loved Molly.




       书虫之傲慢与偏见 Pride and Prejudice ", a novel a pleasure to behold, a beautiful and moving story. The article describes a number of daughters Bo Nate story. Ji-an eldest daughter, gentle kind-hearted, beautiful Keren, Bentley and rich kids at first sight, but at the crucial moment has brought a ist. Second daughter, Elizabeth, Qingli intelligent, ambitious, assertive, consistent with the property of the nobility million youth met Darcy. Can be as arrogant Darcy eccentric, Elizabeth for his prejudice are serious, they love but refuse to recognize the obvious, but also continue to hurt each other with words, but fortunately dispelled the last mistake, married lovers. Reading this novel, I have benefited greatly. In our people, there are many very modest, but there are some arrogant people. These arrogant people who sometimes annoying, they have eyes in the head long, others are di *** issive. Indeed, the arrogance is a shorting in the environment to develop a character. Chinese children from an early age by their parents as holding掌上明珠typical "little emperors." If so has been from *** all to large养尊处优, how could it not arrogant? So I think that we should not be arrogant people who have prejudices, but the more soul-searching myself, to see if they have not arrogant, after their own things to learn to no longer allow parents to worry about, tired. As the book said: "Heart of pride in everyone. As long as we have so a little bit of strength, they will feel especially great. But pride and vanity while the same meaning, but in real terms in different kinds of self-pride is a feeling, Vanity will need to involve other people overestimate their own, so people have a pride without vanity, which is justifiable. 可以适当删减~~~ 翻译如下~~ 《傲慢与偏见》,一部值得细细品味的小说,一个美丽动人的故事。 文中描述了柏纳特一家几个女儿的故事。大女儿姬安,温柔善良,美丽可人,与富家子弟宾利一见倾心,却在关键时刻发生了波折。二女儿伊丽莎白,聪慧清丽,有志气,有主见,与家产万贯的贵族青年达西相识。可因为达西高傲孤僻,伊丽莎白对他存有严重的偏见,两人明明相爱却不肯承认,还不断地用言语刺痛对方,幸好最后误会冰释,有情人终成眷属。 看了这本小说,我受益匪浅。在我们这些人中,有许多很谦虚,但也有一些傲慢的人。这些傲慢的人有时的确令人讨厌,他们把眼睛长在头上,对其他人都不屑一顾。的确,傲慢是一种缺点,一种在环境下养成的性格。我们中国的孩子,从小就被父母视为掌上明珠捧着,典型的“小皇帝”。要是从小到大一直这么养尊处优,怎么会不傲慢呢?因此,我觉得我们不应该对傲慢的人产生偏见,而是该多反省自己,看看自己有没有傲慢,以后自己的事也要学会自己做,不再让父母操心,劳累了。 正如书中所说:“骄傲之心人皆有之。只要我们拥有那么一点点长处,就会觉得自己特别了不起。但其中的骄傲和虚荣虽含义相同,却实质不同,骄傲是种自我感觉,虚荣则需要牵扯到别人高估自己,所以,一个人拥有不含虚荣心的骄傲,这也是无可非议的。”

书虫系列读物的英文读后感 初一水平

       每个女孩都可以是公主,即使她住在一个较低的阁楼,即使她是在破旧的衣服,即使她不漂亮,不过,她可以在心脏的真正的公主。 小公主是一个感人的小说写弗朗西斯霍奇森伯内特,著名的小说家和剧作家。这显然?含有大量的幻想情节,但会谈创造奇迹的部分,才能真正达到我的心脏底部。书可以把我的世界,更比现实而读。不平凡的故事,让我思考了很多,给我留下了深刻印象,每个女孩都可以成为公主。 在我看来,它是不可能为每一个富家女行为像一个乖巧公主,但萨拉,小说中的女主角,没有!她是一个富有想象力的小女孩,曾等智能小脸蛋和如此完美的举止。萨拉是一个非常漂亮的女孩,他有一个温柔,感激的方式说,如“如果你请”“谢谢你”,这是非常迷人。因此,不仅是她的老师和同学都喜欢她,但她的仆人也喜欢她。曾经有一段时间,当萨拉成为学校的势利校长侮辱的穷人和可怜的仆人。尽管如此,她从来没有向任何人抱怨关于她忍受可怕的痛苦。 Sara是像以前一样自信,勇敢,乐观和善良,她从未放弃过她对生活的热情。无论何时,行为举止就像一个公主萨拉,户口本上,她完成了一遍又一遍的一个很大的奇迹。 阅读本杰出的书后,我惊呆了萨拉,一个小女孩谁遭受难以想象的痛苦和折磨,但仍然有一个相反的态度对待生活。最让我印象深刻的是,萨拉把她是一个公主,当她穿着薄底鞋,在伦敦街头涉水行为。从我的角度来看,她被如此强烈的态度,当她在困难时期的精神是值得欣赏的。 诚然,每个女孩都是一个公主共同生活。我的意思是“公主”是不是公主在宫中生活,作为大家的眼球的苹果。事实上,“公主”是在心脏。我相信,在世界的每一个平凡的女孩可以成为公主。一个女孩是公主的方法很简单。只是假设!你可以假设自己是一个公主,并自信地去了解您的业务,不顾别人会如何对待你。如果你想有更多的像一个公主,更多样,请尽量帮助有需要的人。你应该做的最重要的是,感觉像一个真正的公主在任何场合,尤其是当你是巨大的忧郁。不要觉得你所面对的条件是非常可怜的,并试图摆脱绝望和不安的感觉。少看你像个公主,你就越需要在心脏公主感觉。 每个女孩都可以是公主,如果她能做到所有我提到的,无论她是丰富的,美丽或不。说实话,我不能这样做,以及作为萨拉。不过,我会尽自己是一个公主精神上。? 不要感到沮丧任何,是一个深思熟虑的像萨拉公主。你可以这样做,因为每个女孩都可以是公主。 

        Every Girl Can Be A Princess

        A Little Princess is a touching novel written by Frances Hodgson Burt—a famous novelist and dramatist. It obviously contains lots of fancied plots, but the parts it talks about creating miracles, can really reach the bottom of my heart. The book can bring me into a world that is more than reality while reading it. The extraordinary story makes me ponder a lot and gives me a deep impression that every girl can be a princess.

        In my opinion, it is impossible for every rich girl to act like a well-behaved princess, but Sara, the heroine of the novel, did it! She was an imaginative little girl who had such intelligent *** all face and such perfect manners. Sara was a very nice girl who had a gentle, appreciative ways of saying, such as “If you please” “Thank you” which was very charming. So, not only her teachers and clas *** ates liked her, but also her servants liked her. There was a time when Sara became a poor and pitiful servant insulted by the snobbish headmaster of the school. In spite of this, she had never plained to anyone about the horrible suffering she had endured. Sara was confident, brave, optimistic and kind-hearted just like before and she had never given up her enthusia *** of life. No matter when, Sara acted like a princess, and on account of this, she had acplished a great deal of miracles over and over again.

        After reading this outstanding book, I was shocked by Sara, a little girl who suffered such unimaginable pain and tortures, but still had an opposite attitude towards life. What i(转载自第一范文网 //diyifanwen,请保留此标记。)mpresses me most is that Sara put on her act of being a princess when she wore thin bottom shoes, wading in the street of London. From my point of view, her spirit of being so strong-minded when she was in hard times is worth admiring.

        Truly, every girl is a princess ing into mon life. The “princess” I mean is not a princess living in the palace and being regarded as the apple of everyone’s eye. As the matter of fact, the “princess” is at heart. I am in the belief that every ordinary girl in the world can be a princess. The way for a girl to be a princess is quite simple. Just suppose! You can suppose yourself to be a princess, and go about your business confidently without caring how the others would treat you. If you want to have more resemblance to a princess, be more kind and try your best to help the people in need. The most important thing you are supposed to do is that to feel like a real princess at any occasion, particularly when you are involved with enormous melancholy. Do not feel the conditions you faced are extremely wretched and attempt to get rid of the feeling of hopelessness and uneasiness. The less you look like a princess, the more you need to feel like a princess at heart.


        Every girl can be a princess if she can do all I mentioned, no matter she is rich, beautiful or not. To speak truthfully, I cannot do as well as Sara. However, I will exert myself on being a princess mentally.

        Do not feel depressed any more, to be a well-thought-of princess like Sara. You can do it, because Every Girl Can Be A princess.





       Recently, I read a book called the forest prince. This book is also called the jungle fantasy. It can take you to a fantasy and magical jungle kingdom.


       It describes a human child mogri who was taken away by the tiger hill Khan. Later, the brave wolf mother rescued mogri from the tiger and took him back to the wolves for adoption.


       At the wolf pack meeting, the Panther bagsheila traded mogri for a cow. From then on, mogri became a member of the forest. In the jungle, the big brown bear Baru taught him the methods of the jungle, the languages of various animals, and how to talk to animals.


       The black leopard baghera taught him to hunt, but the evil tiger hill Khan deliberately wanted to eat him. Finally, mogri led the cattle to defeat Tiger Hill Khan with wisdom.


       This story reflects the friendship between animals. Mogri's perseverance to overcome difficulties and the spirit of resolute struggle of ferocious forces, and uses justice and courage to fight evil and greed, which is what we need to learn.